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Like sounds echo against canyon walls, spoken words
reverberate and repeat further than the sound of your voice.

Work With MavaJoyce


Choose the appropriate presentation for your audience (these can be adapted to different audiences):

BEYOND AFTERSHOCKS: Resilience after Trauma

 Audience will discover:

  •  The importance of releasing shame and self-reproach
  •  The critical role of self-compassion
  •  How awareness relates to happiness

LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Reset your Thoughts – Reclaim your Dignity

 Audience benefits:

  •  Recognize learning styles of our two brains
  •  Engage learning style of unconscious brain
  •  Activate new habits in the unconscious brain
  •  Protect new habits by silencing the negativity

FREAK, SPEAK AND TWEAK: Navigating Post Traumatic Growth

 Audience will:

  •  Move past denial of trauma and its long-lasting impact
  •  Learn how to get stronger after experiencing trauma
  • Embrace the the reality of growth after sexual assault


 Audience will explore:

  •  Self-esteem vs Self-compassion
  •  Basic components of Self-compassion
  •  How compassion grows and expands

Presentations & Awards

Conference Workshops

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA)
Aftershocks: Images and Insights after Sexual Abuse
Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence through Peer Initiatives

Survivorship Annual Conference, Oakland CA:
Beyond Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

Wings Foundation: Soaring to New Heights Conference:
Beyond Surviving: Empowered and Empowering

Military Bases

Air Force Academy: Solo Exhibit / Talk:
See It, Hear It, Speak Out Against It

Buckley AFB, Denver CO: Aftershocks:
Transforming a Painful Past to an Empowered Present and a Hopeful Future

USAFA SAPR Training:
From Sympathy through Empathy to Compassion

Peterson AFB:
The Role of Process Painting in Sexual Assault Recovery


Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
Healing from Trauma with Art

Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs: Parish Safe Environment Coordinators:
Aftershocks of Sexual Abuse/Why We Work to Keep Children Safe

Pikes Peak Community College: Artist Gallery Solo Exhibit / Talk:
Art and Healing

Spring Creek Youth Center:
Aftershocks of Child Sexual Assault

TESSA Colorado Springs Safe House Center:
Art is My Voice

Community Advocacy for Sexual Assault Prevention

Faith groups, Mental Health groups, service organizations, and more

Women’s Retreat Leader

First Congregational United Church of Christ:
Finding Our Voices


Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA):
Excellence in Advocacy Award

Leadership Pikes Peak:
Leading the Way in Community Service

Institute for Conflict Resolution & Creative Leadership:
Servant Leader Award

First Congregation: Micah 6 Award:
Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly