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I came to realize that keeping silent about my abuse
had allowed others to be victimized

Meeting Planners are Talking…

“I need only three words to describe your presentation: brave, profound, and courageous.”

-Senga Fitz, Artist. Host of Aftershocks gallery exhibit and presentation

“Thank you for your incredible work in solidarity with CCASA. You are an inspiration. We are grateful for your contribution to the SOMB bill, the SAAM Rally, your poetry at the Capitol and workshop at our annual conference. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.”

-Erin Jemison, ED: Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

“Thank you for again sharing your experiences with the girls at Spring Creek Youth Service Center and giving them hope. We had several girls report abuse that was never reported before. Thank you for encouraging them to speak.”

-Regina Dipadova, Clinical Director SCYSC

“Thank you for sharing your healing journey with our Parish Safe Environment Coordinators. Your story gives real meaning to the work we do everyday in our schools and churches of the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs.”

-Ed Gaffney, Director Parish Safe Environment Coordinators

“As a psychologist, I know that a big part of the healing that survivors must do to heal from this childhood trauma is being able to tell their story and get support. The group you founded, Finding Our Voices (FOV), is playing a huge part in that healing process locally. The survivors from FOV at the ceremony where MavaJoyce was presented the Servant Leader Award were so articulate in telling about their story and their healing, that I was blown away.”

-Barry Weinhold, PhD, CO Institute for Conflict Resolution and Creative Leadership

“Your informative and very moving presentation was an inspiration to all of us. Many PEO sisters came forward to express their gratitude for the candid and authentic way you shared your experience . Thank you for the valuable work you do.”

-Margaret Reiber, PEO officer

“You were so composed, straightforward and forceful.  All who hear you—do not forget. Thank you for your moving presentation at First Congregation.”

-Jean Tidball, FCUCC Forum co-chair

“Your story in particular made a huge impact on everyone and the comments from Service Members afterword left no doubt that everyone was moved. Our sincerest appreciation to you for coming to Buckley AFB to tell your story, it was of great benefit to all.  Of course, you can use me as a reference! You did an amazing job speaking and if you can impact more people, I would love to be able to help you do that.”

-Karri L. Croft, SSG, USA, AFSPC, Lead Victim Advocate

“Thank you so much for coming to Buckley to tell your story. Your gift was such a small token compared to what you did for us. You are welcome to use my name as a reference and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

-Cristine Saona, SAPR Victim Advocate

“You did a remarkable job presenting at the Air Force Academy and I’ve heard nothing but great comments about your presentations and your exhibit of the paintings you did during your recovery.”

-Pam J. Aloisa, Civ USAFA Art Department

Audiences are Talking…

“MavaJoyce changes lives and brings light into the darkness.”

-Phyllis Sperber

“You are not just engaging, you are captivating. I could have heard a pin drop anytime while you were speaking.”

-Karen Moldovan, CCASA Director of Advocacy and Policy

“You are such a poised and authoritative speaker, yet your words are delivered in the same gentle and loving tone that you use to address me each time we meet. Not only did you speak plainly about the abuse and your abusers, but you also told us about the ordinary moments along your extraordinary path…humanizing the story for me. Today you are a beautiful example of post-traumatic growth and an incredible woman. I would recommend your talk to any organization looking for a testimonial that is heartfelt, informed, funny and wise.”

-Debbie Sagen, former Assoc. Dir. Trauma, Health and Hazards Center, UCCS.

“Thank you for the work you do. As a practicing attorney, I will view sexual assault cases differently because of your presentation.”

-Thank you for the work you do. Kiwanis member

“Thanks for sharing yourself—your time, resources, expertise and wisdom.”

-Sarah Hall

“You are an inspiration and you’ve helped me feel its okay to be me. I don’t fear myself anymore. The work you do for others is so special; we need more of you.”

-Jennifer Smith

Thank you for sharing your unfolding process with us and for trusting me with open arms. You have allowed so much healing into your life…which is helping to heal us all.

-Robin Duell

“The work you have done and continue to do each do on your “self,” on becoming more fully conscious is invaluable. If we can all do what you are doing…in our unique way…this world will surely become more highly evolved.”

-Jo Davis

“Yours is a powerful and eloquent voice.”

-Lori Sly

“Through you, I grew towards the act of forgiveness. Now I am free to live in today.”

-Eileen Seltzer

“I was in a very dark place when I heard met you. Attending your retreat and being a part of Finding Our Voices changed my life. I no longer feel I will ever be in that dark place again. Not only have I changed for the better…also, relationships within my family have improved.”

-Mary Duefrene

“You showed me that we cannot only heal from emotional and sexual abuse, we can become a beacon of light in the darkness. There is so much power in the sharing of stories and gentle healing in the expression of subdued feelings when we create art.”

-Therese Martin

“MavaJoyce selflessly helps literally hundreds of adult survivors of sexual violence find their voice.”

-Margaret Reiber

“MavaJoyce is an amazing and inspiring woman with one hell of a story to tell. She has shown us how to turn bad into good.”

-Beth Parker