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The absence of self-care is self-neglect. Always!
Gratitude Inspiration

Morning Thoughts

A new dawn and a new bird totem for me. This morning a dove was relentlessly cooing and didn’t quit until I interrupted what I was doing and searched for the meaning. Following is a collection of dove symbolism from several sources.

Doves help us to rid the trauma stored deep in our cellular memory; they carry the energy of promise. Their roles as spirit messenger, maternal symbol and liaison between physical and spiritual worlds impart an inner sense of peace that helps us go about our lives calmly and with purpose. Doves convey to us the idea that it is important to surrender and allow the wind to support our wings. The appearance of a dove or the sound of a dove may herald an end of a problematic cycle in our lives; or may symbolize new beginnings on the horizon. Folks with the dove totem bring wisdom, knowledge, understanding and creativity to any task. They teach others how to live a committed, faithful, passionate life. They are living proof that a life of contentment and happiness is possible.

I’m grateful for the for the song of the dove interrupting my morning. What bird songs are speaking to you dear reader? Listen carefully and then search for the meaning that bird may have for your life. You may be pleasantly surprised, like I was.


My Gratitude Toolbox: Lessons Learned from Smoke Alarms

I want to start with a smoke alarm story…even if we’ve never experienced a home fire, We all have smoke alarm stories, don’t we? … One time, I was house-sitting for friends when I heard the dreaded chirp, chirp, chirp. Now this was 5:30 Friday evening and this house was in Woodland Park, a mountain town where I knew no-one. And this house wasn’t a tiny apartment like where I live, it was a veritable lodge with remarkably high ceilings. My kingdom for a tall ladder and a 9…