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Sexual violation can ignite a loss of Self;
evidence of your recovery is a Reclaimed Self.

Read My Latest Book, Beyond Aftershocks: Reclaiming Self After Sexual Trauma

“In Beyond Aftershocks you travel with me on my journey through trauma … a path that spawns a loss of Self and then transitions into a recovery that heralds a reclaimed self. In these pages, you witness my story. You too, have a story. My wish for you is … that here you find inspiration … and that you discover yourself thinking beyond your customary view of possibilities to an expanded sense of your potential. Moving towards wholeness and personal identity involves introspection, determination, and perseverance. As you follow my footsteps in moving towards my true self, may you find yourself looking at your experiences in a new light … with renewed confidence.” ~MavaJoyce

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Read A Short Companion Book To My Memoir: Kittens

In this brief story where the life of a child is stranger than fiction, you look into the innocent world of a child impacted by incest. The story is shared not to shock you, but to shine a light into the world of a sexually abused child. In Kittens, your world opens to the naivety of a child cradled in grace. You feel the strength embodied in human spirit and you witness the foundation of resilience. Kittens is the companion to MavaJoyce’s memoir,  Beyond Aftershocks:Reclaiming Self after Sexual Trauma.

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